Submission process

In order to be considered for inclusion, works should be submitted using the following guidelines:

  1. Uniqueness

An abstract between 300–500 words explaining the most important conceptual aspects which differentiate and identify your work as unique. The submission should explain how the new media and computer graphics technology are brought together through online resource development to promote new ways of thinking and doing things in the disciplines mentioned above. The abstract should be descriptive and include the title of the work, the author(s) name, date of completion, contact information and the primary reasons for undertaking this endeavor.

Metadata: At least ten key index terms (tagwords) describing the contents of the work must be included in a separate paragraph.

  1. Knowledge and activity

A short (no longer than 3:00 minutes) video documentary or storyboard in MPEG4 format explaining how the artifact (digital archive) is used in activities that involve the creation, dissemination, transformation, and sharing of knowledge should accompany the documentation. The documentary should include a title screen with the name of the author(s) identify the knowledge fields, activities and processes engaged as well as the outcomes produced.

  1. About the work

Three to five images of at least 1000 pixels in width in JPG format. Of these images one must be dedicated to displaying the submitted work’s information architecture or schematic model, depicting the systemic organization and contents (boundaries) of the digital artifact. This model should show the link(s) and relations between the different parts and provide a description of the input (raw) data, the tools used to process it, the possible modes of interaction with the data itself and the knowledge resulting from such exchanges.

  1. About the author(s)

A short (250 words) biography about the author(s) and people involved in the making and (or) using the work.

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